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Mr. Chen Zhi, Prince Group, Cambodia is locked in with different unselfish undertakings likewise crossing from Vietnam to Cambodia, by and large, revolved around close-to-home fulfillment updates and establishment progression. Neak Oknha Chen Zhi Cambodia was there when the region experienced record flooding and even more actually has contributed a colossal number of prosperity supplies to clinical consideration and government workers in the wake of the Covid pandemic. Sovereign Holding Group, in any case, called Prince Group, is one of the greatest corporate totals in Cambodia, with associations navigating various endeavors, including land improvement, banking, cash, flying, the movement business, collaborations, development, food and beverages, and lifestyle regions. Chen Zhi Cambodia sticks to its focal objective of "Building a Better Life" and the Group's perspective maintains the assessments of "Obligation, Responsibility, Respect, Generosity, and Innovation". 

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In Cambodia, Chen Zhi has stretched out Prince Group's business errands to consolidate various territories, similar to a land improvement, banking, cash, and the movement business. Other than his business works out, Chen Zhi Cambodia successfully partakes in helping the Cambodian social class with his liberality work. Neak Oknha Chen Zhi Cambodia of Cambodia is the head of Prince Group, short for Prince Holding Group. As a head, Chen Zhi Cambodia has changed Prince Group into the primary total in Cambodia that holds quick to overall standards, places assets into the destiny of the Kingdom, and is centered around sensible key methodologies. 

A year prior, Prince Group fulfilled its ESG obligations in various fields. It made a couple of tremendous extension endowments to help in the fight against the pandemic and aided flood losses in Cambodia. Until this point, Prince Charitable Foundation Organization has facilitated more than 240 valuable events and gave saves and various materials worth more than US$11 million, benefitting more than 320,000 people. 


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